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Business leaders value SharePoint because of its robust functionality and multitude of features. Windows Azure makes it faster, easier and more effective to scale your enterprise's technology solutions by adding virtual machines to your existing infrastructure.

Achieve Faster Turnaround Times And Higher Scalability

The combination of SharePoint and Windows Azure allows users to instantly provision development and testing to significantly reduce cycle times. It also helps scale your business based on the business need to cater to application usage patterns. You only pay for the servers you use.

Lower Your Costs And Reduce Your Risks

Free up on-premises data center capacity, eliminate infrastructure and maintenance costs, and receive all the benefits of a public cloud without sacrificing your enterprise’s governance standards.

Windows Azure is an ideal solution for internet sites and extranet portals requiring anonymous access, developing and testing SharePoint applications, application compatibility testing for SharePoint 2013 upgrades, testing and staging for SharePoint farms, and detailed customizations for SharePoint applications with full trust codes.

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