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Easy to insal a WSP 

Project Description Easily compare server configuration.

"Grid" layout shows configuration of the full farm in one table.

Export to Excel for filter, sort, and pivot chart.

Benefits Features Data Sources
  • Do admin tasks faster
  • Scale up beyond RDP
  • Add new servers without fear
  • Verify consistent configuration<!--EndFragment-->
  • New WSP format
  • Central Admin > Monitoring > SPDash easy navigation
  • View server config data in table format
  • Export to Excel
  • Timer job refreshes data cache of XML files
  • Wide screen layout for SharePoint 2013
  • Automatic hive (14/15) detection for SP2010/2013 support
  • WMI query
  • Global Assembly Cache
  • IIS web.config
  • Logical disk size and space
  • File versions (to confirm patching)
  • Display Local Administrator members
  • Kerberos SPN for all managed accounts and farm machines


SharePoint farms have many servers with various services, applications, traffic patterns, and purposes.

Having "grid" scripts like the below sample screen-shots can save lots of time. What's a "grid"? Simple.

I wanted to build a real-time Excel spreadsheet to display ALL configuration without RDP.

RDP won't scale. While great for 1-2 servers, it's awful for 10+ servers.

Having confidence in your configs and knowing everything is 100% consistent are BIG steps forward for most admins.





Pierre Erol GIRAUDY


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