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Governance Toolkit for Office 365 generates detailed documentation and helps you check if Office 365 is running according to the governance rules you have determined. Track all Office 365 settings and permissions in one place. This time-saving tool helps you track changes, simplifies administration tasks, provides license management and much more!

Use the Governance Toolkit for reporting and better management of all Office 365 Tenants. It allows you to easily gather data through the Office 365 Explorer, preview all settings in one console (such as Office 365 licensing, domains, users and groups, Exchange Online admin roles, mail flow rules, mailbox statistics, SharePoint Online Sites, lists and much more). Track all permissions, set governance rules and easily create and export reports for more efficient Office 365 management.


  • office-365-explorerDeep Insight into All Office 365 Configuration SettingsGet a complete overview of all Office 365, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online settings for all tenants, schedule email notifications to track changes, export reports and much more. Easily check if your multi-tenant Office 365 environment operates according to your plan and expectations!
  • Office-365-documentationEasily Create Office 365 DocumentationWith Governance Toolkit for Office 365, well-structured and professional documentation is just a few clicks away. Choose how detailed your documentation should be, share it with your client or co-workers or use it yourself for more efficient planning and analysis!
  • permission-explorerExplore and Compare PermissionsSave time by exploring all SharePoint Online permissions in one place! Check permissions in a collapsible tree view for each user and site, use snapshots to track changes and compare SharePoint permissions from different time periods.
  • sharepoint-online-reportsGet Detailed Permissions ReportsCreate SharePoint Online permissions reports, drill down and get all the details you need! Easily check external users, find unique permissions (broken inheritance) for all sites, lists and documents, preview site structure and much more.
  • office-365-licensesManage Office 365 Licenses and Save TimeManaging and assigning Office 365 licenses to Office 365 users is a time-consuming process. Use a built-in wizard, choose Office 365 licenses (Lync Online, Office Web Apps etc.) and quickly assign them to a specific user or to a group of users and save time.
  • governance-rulesSet Your Own Governance RulesExcept documenting, reporting and exploring, Governance Toolkit for Office 365 provides one more time-saving feature – use it to set up and configure SharePoint Online rules and apply them to a specific site, list or library with a few simple steps.

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