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Your Policy. Our Automation. SharePoint as a Service Redefined.

With Governance Automation, organizations can provide Microsoft SharePoint as a service by automating the way users request configurable services including, but not limited to, the following offerings:

SharePoint Governance - Content Management

SharePoint Governance - Lifecycle Management

SharePoint Governance - Permissions Management

SharePoint Governance - Provisioning

Proactive Policy Enforcement & Complete Control for SharePoint Governance

Governance Automation transcends the capabilities of rigid provisioning and security management solutions, enabling organizations to close the custom code gap created by home-grown governance solutions by:

SharePoint Governance - DocAve Governance Automation Product Walkthrough
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  • Providing your organization with role-based, business-centric service catalogs
  • Creating dynamic request questionnaires and ensuring end users are guided to their appropriate service request forms
  • Automatically enforcing permissions, storage configurations, auditing, branding, and lifecycle management options upon request execution
  • Ensuring all SharePoint sites remain under control and all actions or changes to your SharePoint environment fall within your organization’s defined SharePoint governance policies

To learn more about Governance Automation’s fully auditable business approval process, please view our product walkthrough.

All Microsoft, All the Way

As with all AvePoint software, Governance Automation utilizes only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

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